Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My First Albert Pujols Lot

I purchased a lot of 12 Albert Pujols cards for about six bucks on eBay. It’s not that I collect Pujols cards or anything. Maybe I should though. The guy is a true superstar after all. I just realized that my collection lacks Pujols cards. I probably tripled my Pujols stash with this purchase. There are some neat cards in here. I got a 2010 Topps 206 base and bronze card. I think those are my favorites. Pujols cards seem to go for about 40-60 cents each on eBay. He is one of the most popular players amongst collectors so this is no surprise. I like buying these player lots because you never know what you will find. Every now and then you will find an unusual card or a parallel or insert. I probably will not become a Pujols collector, but I will continue to buy player lots just because they can be just as fun as opening a pack of cards.

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