Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lance Berkman: We Hardly Knew Ye

My latest eBay purchase was a lot of 18 Lance Berkman cards that cost me 23 cents shipped. All of these cards feature Berkman as an Astro but Berkman played for the Yankees this season so I had to pick them up. Of course, Berkman just signed with the Cardinals. That didn't last too long. The only cards I didn’t really want were the Topps Attax cards. I don’t really get them. I guess it’s a card game or something. Otherwise, I think I did really good with this purchase. I paid less than two cents for each card. Where else can you do that?


  1. thats like stealing - obviously the seller lost money - it cost more then .23 to send the cards.

  2. I know. Postage was about a buck - plus the value of the cards. Who cares which player is on the cards at that price.