Friday, June 29, 2012

White Sox Cards from eBay

My latest eBay purchase was a lot of 20 White Sox cards.  I only paid 99 cents with free shipping.  My favorite card of the entire lot is the 2008 Topps Gold Foil of Paul Konerko.  I also received the base card as well.  This is actually my first Gold Foil card.  I have plenty of Gold cards but no Gold Foils.  The other noteworthy card is the Gordon Beckham Refractor which looks really nice.  There is a Jake Peavy Gold card, but everything else is your standard base card which is fine. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cards from Crackin' Wax

I received the cards in the picture from Christopher at Crackin Wax.  It was all part of his “Take My Cards” promotion which is still ongoing.  It’s pretty simple.  Pick out which cards you want.  Send a SASE.  Receive your cards.  I received a few Bowman and Gypsy Queen cards.  My favorite is the Anibal Sanchez mini.  Sanchez is on my fantasy team this year.  He has been OK.  For some reason, I like to accumulate cards of players on my fantasy team.  Thanks for the cards!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Atlanta Braves Cards from eBay

I picked up another team lot on eBay for only 99 cents shipped.  This one features the Atlanta Braves.  I picked up this lot for the refractors and other parallels.  Otherwise, everything else is your standard base card.  Still, not a bad purchase for the price.  I also picked up a few more of these team lots. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kenji Johjima

I purchased this 2006 Upper Deck jersey card of Kenji Johjima on eBay for only 65 cents shipped.  The auction title simply read “Kenji Johjima” (like the title of this post) with only a blurry picture to explain the auction.  This was quite unclear.  Was I bidding on the services of the real Kenji Johjima?  I thought he was busy playing for the Hanshin Tigers.  I don't really need any catching done right now, but maybe he could mow my lawn or wash my car.  It turns out that I only won the card.  But it’s a pretty decent card for the price.  It probably does not help the value that Johjima no longer plays in this country.  Let this auction serve as a lesson eBay sellers. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Florida Marlins eBay Lot

 I picked up a lot of 20 Florida Marlins cards on eBay for 99 cents.  I picked up the lot because it contained a bunch of parallel cards.  That Hanley Ramirez Refractor is my favorite.  I also like that Cognac Josh Johnson card.  Sure it looks like puke, but it’s really not.  How many packs would I need to buy to get all of those parallels and rookie cards.  Not bad for five cents a card.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Contest at Bass on Balls

This is my official pimping post.  Be sure to check out the contest being offered at Bass on Balls.  Click here to enter.  The winner gets a 2012 Bowman Set.  Good luck. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Colorado Rockies Cards from eBay

I purchased five 20 card team lots from an eBay seller recently.  The first lot featured Colorado Rockies cards.  Most of the cards are from the past five years.  The entire lot cost a dollar shipped.  That is five cents a card.  That’s a much better deal than buying a pack.  The highlights of this lot include a Bowman Chrome Tulowitski Refractor, Jorge De La Rosa Topps Gold card, and a Donruss Elite card of Todd Helton numbered to 83.  I didn’t have any of these cards in my collection so I’m pretty happy with this addition.