Sunday, June 30, 2013

From Majors to Double A in Three Years

I picked up a 2010 Topps rookie card of Tommy Manzella for only 6 cents on eBay.  Manzella had a brief stint with the Astros in 2009 and 2010.  He has not been heard from in the majors since that time.  He spent some time on the Rockies AAA team earlier this year.  He is currently on the Blue Jays AA team and barely hitting .200 for the year.  It doesn’t look good.  The Long Island Ducks may be next. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

There's Gonna Be a Play at the Plate

I purchased a 2011 Topps Update card of Henry Blanco on eBay for 6 cents shipped.  I wasn’t really looking to buy a card of a career backup catcher.  I bought this card for the photography.  The Topps base set isn’t usually known for great photos.  Blanco is about to make a play at the plate and photo was taken almost directly overhead.  Safe or out?  Also, can anyone make out the Cincinnati runner?  Also, shameless plug for Play at the Plate

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yankee Game Used Relic

I bought a 2007 Upper Deck game used jersey card of Johnny Damon on Listia.  It only set me back 804 credits.  The card has a small crease in it but on the plus side the jersey swatch has a Yankee pinstripe through the center. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Quarter Well Spent

I picked up a lot of 4 cards on eBay for less than a quarter.  That’s not too bad considering the players in the lot.  I received a 2011 A&G Ryan Howard Sketch card, 2012 Topps Opening Day Carlos Gonzalez card, 2012 Topps Ryan Braun card, and a 2012 Topps Cut Above card of Hanley Ramirez.  Unfortunately, the Howard card came with a small ding to the corner.  Otherwise, it was a great lot. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

eBay Mailbag: Brett Cecil

I purchased a 2012 Topps base card of Brett Cecil on eBay for just 6 cents.  Cecil is having a decent season so far as a reliever for the Blue Jays.  Cecil was originally a starter when he first came up, but he wasn’t that good.  He lasted a few years as a starter too.  I am a big fan of Cecil’s glasses.  There is just an intimidation factor about a pitcher who might not be able to see you.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Listia Mailbag: Jesse Crain

I won a 2006 Upper Deck Game-Used Jersey card of Jesse Crain on Listia for just 560 credits.  The jersey swatch has a nice stripe through the middle of it.  I remember Crain as a reliever for the Twins a few years back.  Nowadays, he is with the White Sox.  For some reason, I just don’t hear much about him anymore. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

I Think I Bought Some Rookie Cards

I picked up 2 2008 Bowman Chrome Rookie Cards on eBay for 12 cents shipped.  The first card is David Purcey of the Blue Jays.  Actually, Purcey’s true rookie cards were made in 2004 and include several autographs.  The second card is Greg Smith of the Oakland Athletics.  Smith had a few cards in 2007 though.  Figuring out what was a rookie card was a heck of a lot easier before these logos came about.  Can anyone dispute that 1989 was Ken Griffey’s rookie year?  I don’t even need a logo to tell me that. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ryan Zimmerman Times Two

I picked up a couple of Ryan Zimmerman cards on Listia recently.  I paid a total of 12 credits for both.  The first card is a 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom base card.  It has a cool bar code on it for some reason.  I like the parallel cards with the perforated edge.  The second card is a 2013 Topps base card.  You don’t hear as much about Zimmerman these days as in prior years.  Although he has been betrayed by injuries in the past, he is putting up a decent year so far. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More Opening Day Fun

I purchased another 2013 Topps Opening Day card.  This card features Mark Buehrle.  I picked it up on eBay for 6 cents.  It is essentially the same card that is in the base set.  Buehrle has been a quality pitcher for quite some time.  However, this year has been horrible.  He was part of the salary dump from Miami to Toronto.  The Blue Jays have also been disappointing.  So much for winning the AL East. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Name That Mariner

I bought a pair of 2013 Topps Opening Day cards of Kyle Seager on eBay for 11 cents shipped.  I have not bought any packs or blaster of this year’s Opening Day product.  I only have a few cards from this year’s set which I have purchased individually.  To my surprise, Seager is actually the starting 3rd baseman for the Mariners.  The Mariners don’t get much coverage and deservedly so.  On many teams, Seager is probably a bench player.  Also, if Seager is a starter, then how the heck does Jesus Montero get sent to the minors?  Never mind. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another Dontrelle Willis Card

I picked up this 2007 Goudey Green Back Card of Dontrelle Willis on eBay for 6 cents shipped.  Willis is one of those players that I have unintentionally collected over the past few years.  I never set out to collect his cards.  I sort of just wound up with a bunch of them over time.  Willis had a pretty decent career until he forgot how to pitch.  Willis is now with the independent Long Island Ducks.  Their roster is like a garbage list of washed up big leaguers.  I fear this may be the end of the end for this former 20 game winner.