Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TTM Autograph Requests

I sent out my first TTM requests of the regular season out this week.  My requests went to Matt Capps and Denard Span of the Twins.  I also sent a AAA request to former big leaguer Ross Ohlendorf.  Ohlendorf has been decent so far this season.  Span has also gotten off to a fast start.  Capps has been OK but he has converted all of his save opportunities.  I feel that I have a decent chance of getting returns from all three this season based on past results. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Philip Humber Collection

I was lucky enough to watch the end of Philip Humber’s perfect game yesterday. It was the first perfect game I had watched since David Cone’s in 1999. The end of the game was a bit confusing as Brendan Ryan allegedly swung to strike out at what would have been ball four with two out in the ninth. The ball got away from AJ Pierzynski who recovered it to make the final out at first. Humber is yet another former Met to throw a no-hitter. No pitcher has ever done so in a Mets uniform. I own exactly one Philip Humber card. It is a 2005 Bowman card. The card could easily be found in a dime box at any card show. However, the last 5 of these cards to sell on eBay sold for (including shipping) $5.74, $7.50, $8.99, $4.74, and $3.00. The average selling price is $5.99. This is an absolutely ridiculous price for this card. Needless to say, I have already put my Humber card on eBay. I may buy another in a few months if I see it in a dime box.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

eBay Mailbag: Carlos Beltran

I recently purchased a 2011 Topps Heritage card of Carlos Beltran on eBay for only six cents. Despite what the scowl on Beltran’s face on the card might suggest, I was actually quite happy to make this purchase. This is my first card from 2011 Topps Heritage since I didn’t purchase any packs last year. I like the design much better than some of the previous years. Beltran is a Cardinal this year after spending time as a Met and Giant last year. Today, he is also my pick in MLB’s Beat the Streak Challenge.