Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Baseball Season is Over

The baseball season is over.  That also means that the fantasy baseball season is over.  My team finished first in the league.  Hurray.  Enough with the bragging though.  The playoffs start tonight.  I don't know if the wildcard game can be considered the playoffs, but it's baseball and I'm ready to watch the game.  I'm worried about my Yankees.  CC Sabathia is busy not drinking alcohol, so he won't be a factor.  I don't think his absence will be a big loss.  He had a terrible year.  I don't think the Yankees will go far into the playoffs though.  I just have a bad feeling.  The best team in New York might actually be the Mets. 

My World Series Prediction: Blue Jays over the Cardinals in 6 games (Sorry Yankees)