Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kenji Johjima

I purchased this 2006 Upper Deck jersey card of Kenji Johjima on eBay for only 65 cents shipped.  The auction title simply read “Kenji Johjima” (like the title of this post) with only a blurry picture to explain the auction.  This was quite unclear.  Was I bidding on the services of the real Kenji Johjima?  I thought he was busy playing for the Hanshin Tigers.  I don't really need any catching done right now, but maybe he could mow my lawn or wash my car.  It turns out that I only won the card.  But it’s a pretty decent card for the price.  It probably does not help the value that Johjima no longer plays in this country.  Let this auction serve as a lesson eBay sellers. 

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