Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pulls from the Nickel Bin

I like to buy baseball cards using loose change. Whenever I can buy something without pulling out dollar bills, I feel like I'm getting something for nothing. The cards in the picture were five cents each. My favorite card is the 2010 Topps Miguel Cabrera. It's a basic, conserative design. Also, Cabrera is one of the better hitters in the league. I also like the Halladay card even though it still has him in a Blue Jays uniform. Halladay is off to a sick start for the Phillies. I also bought an Upper Deck Alex Gordon card. Does anyone remember when he was the next great prospect? What ever happened to his 2006 Topps rookie card? I also got 2007 Topps cards of Angel Berroa and Mark Prior. Unfortunately, the Prior card has a small ding on the bottom right corner. Oh well. It's still a pretty decent deal.

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