Sunday, April 18, 2010

eBay Mailbag: Florida Marlins

I recently spent 25 cents for 5 Marlins commons on eBay. I like making these small purchases on eBay. I can get a nice package without breaking the bank. I got an Upper Deck First Edition card of Andrew Miller. What ever happened to him? Wasn't he supposed to be the next great thing? I got another A&G card. This time it's a Dan Uggla card. I love the A&G design. I'm tempted to buy a box of A&G this year. Finally, I received three 2010 Topps cards of Marlins pitchers. Josh Johnson is pretty much the ace of the staff. But everybody has said good things about Ricky Nolasco this year. Matt Lindstrom is now closing games for the Astros. He's also on my fantasy team. So far so good. This kind of purchase is really a stop-gap until I can get to a card show. eBay is great (We can argue this in another post) but there's nothing like buying cards in person.

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