Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome to New York!!

So the Yankees have traded for Curtis Granderson. It seems like he will take over center field duties for Melky Cabrera who will move to left field. Damon and Matsui probably will not have a place on the team. The Yankees picked up an All-Star in this trade, but they also gave up some promising youngsters.

To Phil Coke, we thank you for your consistent service out of the bullpen. You were one half of the Philthies and you will be missed.

To Austin Jackson, we will never know if you would have been the Yankee centerfielder of the future as had been predicted but best of luck wherever you eventually settle in.

To Ian Kennedy, get the hell out of town!!

In an interesting side note, the Granderson card above is the only 09 SP Legendary Cuts card that I own. I picked it up at a card show for 10 cents with the intent of getting it autographed TTM but the design is so nice I think I'll just keep it the way it is. Those are really nice looking cards.

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