Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pack Break: 2007 Fleer Ultra

This is my latest pack of 2007 Fleer Ultra. I pulled my share of washed up players in this pack. With only 5 cards, a couple of cards can ruin a pack.

1. Gary Sheffield – Shef is a role player at best these days. He is well past his prime. Also, he has a reputation as a professional jerkass.
2. Conor Jackson – Jackson is still young but he missed a bunch of time due to desert fever or valley fever or some kind of fever. If Jackson can stay healthy, he could be productive.
3. Matt Morris – Morris is now retired after some good years with the Cardinals. He fell off the cliff pretty quickly and last played with the Pirates.
4. Richie Sexson – Sexson is one of those home run or nothing type of players. But he quietly faded away, didn’t he?

5. Daisuke Matsuzaka – This is definitely the pull of the pack. It’s a Dice-K Lucky 13 Rookie Card. I know it’s a Red Sox card, but it’s still nice.

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  1. For as much as I like ripping older wax, they're almost always disappointing because it makes you realize how most of today's "stars" really only hang around for a couple years before becoming obsolete. It's this exact reason, though, that I don't spend a ton on newer product, since most of the time the values only go down!