Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where have you gone Topps Turkey Red?

I miss Topps Turkey Red. These cards were great. The design was simple and had that retro feel that reminded you of the original Turkey Red cards. The card surface had those barely noticeable ridges on them. Best of all the surface had no gloss, which is great for us autograph hounds. But alas Turkey Red was reduced from stand alone set to insert. I purchased the two 2006 Turkey Red cards above for a total of 12 cents. I picked up the Hafner card just because. But I picked up the Anderson Hernandez card because I did not have any Red cards in my collection. The card is essentially the same as a regular card except that it has a red border. I'm a sucker for parallels. I think Hernandez is somewhere in the Nationals system these days. At least I can now say that I own a Red Turkey Red card.

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