Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pack Break: 2007 Fleer

I opened up yet another pack of 2007 Fleer. I have to say that I’m impressed by this product. It has 2 inserts per pack and each pack costs next to nothing. Also, I’m on record saying that these cards were perfect for TTM autographs. The rookie cards in this set are hit or miss but that’s OK. Anyway, here is the haul.

Brian McCann – I don’t have anything bad to say about McCann, but I don’t really know much about him
Livan Hernandez – How old is this guy? He must be in his late 50s.
Ricky Nolasco – He recently signed a $3.8 million contract…and his ERA was 5.06 last year
Angel Berroa – Berroa is a former Yankee, All Star, and Rookie of the Year. But he is a current bench player
Shane Victorino – Believe it or not, this is only the second Shane Victorino card that I own
Shane Youman – Who?
Justin Hampson – Who?!!
Brian Schneider – Dead Weight
Ian Kinsler – This is a Rookie Sensations insert. It’s actually my second Rookie Sensations card of Kinsler but these are pretty cool looking so it’s OK.
Carlos Beltran – This is a Perfect 10 insert. Note the retro uniform. So, overall it could have been worse. It also could have been better. But how can you lose when you are guaranteed 2 insert cards in every pack?

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