Friday, January 29, 2016

To Patch or Not To Patch

I picked up these 3 manufactured patch cards on Listia recently.  They feature Josh Hamilton, Adrian Gonzalez, and Johan Santana.  I paid about 22,000 credits for the lot.  I actually have the rookie cards of Hamilton and Gonzalez featured on the patches.  That's why I bought the lot.  I am not really a fan of manufactured patch cards.  Unlike, a game used relic card, these patches were made for the sole purpose of becoming part of a baseball card.  The patch itself really has nothing to do with the game of baseball.  Still, I think I got a decent deal.  I may consider relisting the Santana card by itself on Listia to recover some of the cost. 


  1. I thought they were perfectly nice "blaster hits" at retail...they are fancy insert cards, nothing more.

  2. I would almost rather have the actual Gonzalez and Hamilton rookie cards.

  3. They're something different. I pulled a Koufax from blaster my father-in-law gave me. I was happy with that. Most others I woudn't have cared too much for.