Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More Garrett Atkins Goodness

I picked up this 2008 Upper Deck First Edition card of Garrett Atkins for only 5 credits on Listia.  That’s about one cent and change.  I posted recently about a Garrett Atkins autograph that I also purchased on Listia.  To my surprise, Atkins had virtually disappeared from baseball.  That may explain why his cards seem to be on sale. 


  1. I met Atkins, he is really nice. In 2008 contract talks for a new contract were starting to get sour, and the Rockies were talking about making Ian Stewart the everyday 3B and they were going to trade Atkins. In 2009 Stewart and Atkins were contesting 3B and when he started the season in the first month hitting .200 he started trying to hit home runs instead of making contact. He started losing his stride and his swing got all out of wack. From 2005-2008 there were not too many better at 3B than Atkins and just like Ankiel and pitching it gets into your head and he could never regain his swing. That is what happened to him. I still enjoy collecting all of the Atkins cards, maybe one of the few that still do!

  2. I am glad that he was cool in person. I have a habit of collecting players by accident. Alfonso Soriano is one of those players. I think that Atkins may be my next accidental collection.