Monday, November 12, 2012

Spare Change Spent Wisely

I recently won 5 individual baseball cards in 5 different eBay auctions from the same seller.  The total damage was 9 cents shipped.  There is really no common theme to these cards.  The first card is an Upper Deck X base card of Randy Johnson.  The next is an Upper Deck card of Alex Rodriguez showing off his quarter billion dollar Rangers jersey.  Then, there is an Allen & Ginter of Dan Haren.  I would rather have the base card.  I don’t care what his middle name is.  I can about wins and ERA and the like.  Next is a Upper Deck Spectrum card of Scott Kazmir.  Remember him?  The former All-Star was last seen playing independent ball in Sugarland, Texas.  Finally, there is Evan Longoria featured on a simple Upper Deck base card which is really a checklist.  Not a bad haul for the money.  This is better than some packs that run 5 bucks each. 

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