Sunday, November 25, 2012

Garrett Atkins Autograph from 2007 Fleer Ultra

I recently picked up this 2007 Fleer Ultra Autograph of Garrett Atkins on Listia.  Of course, Fleer Ultra is (was) a lower level product and this is a sticker autograph.  But, the cost was only 600 credits.  I was the only bidder.  Sometimes the lack of bids scares me away, but 600 credits is a bit high for a starting bid.  That’s not a bad deal for an actual Major League player.  To be fair, Atkins has not been in the big leagues since 2010.  A quick internet search did not reveal what happened to him.  Any ideas?


  1. He just flat out fell off a cliff in 2009 playing a half season and got released by the Rockies at the end of the year. In 2010 he signed with the Orioles and didn't rebound and got cut in mid season. The last I heard of him, he was getting cut by the Pirates in Spring Training 2011.

    BTW, is that card for trade?

  2. If it is up for trade and hiflew doesn't get it, could I be next!

  3. Sorry. I think this one's a keeper.