Saturday, June 5, 2010

Topps Turkey Red Parallels

I purchased the three 2006 Topps Turkey Red cards above recently for six cents a pop. You may notice that these are the Red Parallel cards. I love any kind of parallel cards so this seemed like a pretty good deal. The first card is Willy Taveras sporting an Astros uniform. Taveras has made a career out of his speed. However, these days he plays for the AAA Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs in the Phillies organization. Although Taveras is well-traveled, it’s hard to believe that he can’t find a Major League job. Who doesn’t need speed? The second card features Kameron Loe. I remember Loe from the Rangers, but then he seemed to fall off the map. I had to look this one up. He actually played in Japan before returning to the states. He is now playing for the Brewers. I love those high socks. They are so old school. You may notice that Loe is in front of a similar skyline to the one Taveras is in front of. Texas must have a lot of skylines. The final card is of Joe Blanton back in his days as an Oakland Athletic. You may notice that Oakland does not have a lot of skylines but it does have plenty of trees. Like Loe, Blanton is sporting the high socks. Blanton was traded to the Phillies where he still plays. He has always been a 3-4 starter. So far, he has had a pretty crummy season, but he’s still starting. And Blanton is the most successful player out of the three. Overall, this was a pretty decent purchase. I expanded my puny Turkey Red collection to include some Red Parallels for less than a quarter. I love cards that do not have a glossy finish and I love parallels. I also purchased some base cards as well which I will discuss in a later post.

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  1. Yo I actually just found 9 of these packs in the Power Packs bin at Target. I just had to buy them all