Friday, March 12, 2010

TTM Mailbag: Curtis Granderson

I received my first TTM return of the spring this week. The envelope was postmarked from St. Petersburg, FL. It could have been from anyone, but I now had a few suspects in mind. I popped open the envelope to find my 2006 Upper Deck card that I sent to Curtis Granderson - unsigned. But upon further inspection, I found a larger postcard that was signed by Granderson (I assume) in silver Sharpie. The signature is really nice, but its on an awkward sized postcard. I guess I have to chalk this one up as a failure since I didn't end with a signed card. But in fairness, I got my original card back along with a signed postcard. If anyone out has a signed Granderson card (TTM, In Person, or Certified) and would like to work out a trade, let me know. I'm willing to give the signed postcard plus some other item or items that you may find interesting. So far, I'm 0 for 1 this spring. But that's OK because it's still early.

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