Monday, February 15, 2010

Topps Million Card Giveaway

Today’s the big day. Today’s the day that Topps is going to give away rare Mickey Mantle rookie cards to all of us collectors. I’m just kidding. Topps is only going to give away a million 1990 Ellis Burks cards. Of course, nothing has been given away yet since the web site is not up yet. But I have a confession to make. I am already a winner in this promotion. Why? Because I have not purchased a single pack of 2010 Topps and therefore have no codes to enter on the Topps site. I like the base cards but the inserts don’t really excite me at all. So instead of spending the day waiting to enter my codes on the Topps site, I have spent my day preparing my Spring Training TTM requests which will be discussed in a future post. Just in case the site remains down, I have a 1994 Topps card of Ricky Bones that I’m willing to part with.

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