Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pack Break: 2008 UD Documentary Part 1

I recently opened a pack of 2008 UD Documentary that I received as part of a larger eBay lot. This was the first pack of this product I have ever opened. I must admit that I was disappointed. Each card features a game during the 2008 season rather than a player. The photo on the front of the card isn't even from the featured game. In some cases, the player on the front of the card didn't even play in the game. John Smoltz is on a card that features a game that Tom Glavine started. You'll also notice that 5 cards feature a Game 159, 3 feature a Game 97, and 2 feature a Game 63. Now that's a lack of variety. On the plus side, each pack contains a gold parallel card and I'm a sucker for parallels. The gold card in this pack was Grady Sizemore. I'll show off another pack of this product soon. Anyway, here are pictures of my bounty.

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