Saturday, November 14, 2009

2007 SPx Jersey Card - Jake Peavy

This is the Jake Peavy jersey card that I picked up as part of a larger lot on eBay. I promised I would show it off. This card by itself cost less than a buck. It is a 2007 SPx numbered 150/199. Of course, Peavy is no longer a Padre since the Padres can no longer afford good players. Peavy was traded to the White Sox this year while he was injured for a handful of prospects and some magic beans. He made a couple of starts for the Sox. However, Peavy’s contract has a couple years left so the White Sox made the trade to compete over the next few years. Peavy is a bonafide staff ace, but the White Sox still need some more pieces. Anyway, this is a good looking card and the price was right.

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