Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Possibly My Last eBay Purchase

I scored a bargain on eBay by snagging a lot of 4 CC Sabathia cards.  I really bought the lot for the sole Yankee card from 2010 Topps.  However, the 3 Indians cards were all from brands that I don't have much of.  All of this cost me a grand total of 16 cents with free shipping.  So, why would this be my last eBay purchase?  Aside from being all around morons who ruined the site over the past decade, the powers that be at eBay decided to restrict my account from all selling because my performance level was below standard.  It's really my fault since my feedback rating was only at 100%.  Oh wait, that's the highest possible percentage from a mathematical standpoint.  So, I've decided to take the liberty of restricting my buying on the site and take my business elsewhere.  Anybody have any suggestions for a decent auction style site to buy/sell cards?


  1. I find some good deals as a buyer on sportlots. However if buyers are getting good deals, that means that sellers probably don't get as good a return as they would want. Sorry I can't help from a sellers point of view, I've never done it. Best wishes.

  2. is an easy answer, but I hear several talk about selling and buying cards on Listia.

  3. I like Listia as a buyer and seller, but you can only deal in points, not money. I will research COMC and Sportslots. They seem to be the big players.