Friday, September 12, 2014

Silk Cards: Update Edition

I picked up a pair of silk cards from 2013 Topps Update on Listia for about 1,000 credits each.  The cards feature the player’s rookie card rather than the base card from the 2013 set.  On the left is Tim Lincecum.  His rookie card is from 2007 Topps Update.  I bought a little bit of this product in search of Joba Chamberlain’s rookie.  I never got the Joba card and I never got a Lincecum card.  The card on the right is former Yankee Robinson Cano.  This was the card that I was really after.  It still feels like Cano is on the Yankees.  His presence would beat that of Martin Prado or Stephen Drew.  I never really bought any 2003 Topps.  It’s a decent design, but 2003 was a year that covered my collecting hiatus. 

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