Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shiny...Chrome.. Must Buy

I picked up a pair of 2012 Bowman Chrome cards on eBay recently.  I paid a total of 12 cents shipped for everything.  The cards are Salvador Perez and Kevin Youkilis.  I wanted the Perez card more than the Youkilis.  I really didn’t have any Perez cards except for one that was dinged up.  I don’t really buy much of the Bowman products, but these are some nice cards.  I don’t actively seek out Youkilis cards, but whatever.  And Youkilis was a Yankee for a brief moment. 


  1. Poor guy lost money mailing that thing to you.

    I recently won a laptop case (one of those fancy rolling ones with the telescoping handle you see guys in suits dragging around in airports). It was a nice one, a Kensington that retails around $140. The guy was selling it used for five bucks plus 99 cents shipping. I won with my opening bid and a week later it arrived in a huge cardboard box. The shipping label showed he spent over $17 just in shipping. I felt kind of bad. Thankfully your seller didn't lose too much.

  2. Don't feel bad. That's a nice find.