Monday, March 18, 2013

Preparing for the Baseball Season

Opening day fast approaches.  I have started to purchase some 2013 baseball cards.  I still need to draft my fantasy team.  That will happen this Thursday.  As usual, my strategy will be to stock up on quality starting pitchers.  This year, I will attend three spring training games.  I prefer spring training over regular season games because the tickets are cheaper (but certainly not cheap) and the seats are MUCH better.  Also, the weather cannot be beat.  I will see the Marlins at Red Sox, Red Sox at Twins, and Orioles at Twins.  I will take as many pictures as my camera will allow.  I will also try to snag a few in person autographs at the games.  If anybody has any spring training success stories with these or any other teams for that matter, please feel free to share.  By the way, I will have opening day off from work for the first time in forever.  Score!


  1. The Twins will likely lose both those games, but Target Field will more than make up for it. Such an incredible stadium.

  2. The Twins may have a chance if the regulars on the other team take an early shower. The AL East will be tough this year.