Monday, October 8, 2012

White Plains Card Show: Part 1

I spent the better part of my Sunday attending the Fall Classic Card Show in White Plains, NY.  Overall, it was a great day as usual.  I will start with a few observations.  First, the usual parking lot which costs $4.00 was closed.  Apparently, some sort of marathon was occurring at the same time as the show.  I parked on a nearby side street.  It was a shorter walk, I saved $4.00, and I found a new free spot to park. Sorry Westchester County.  This makes up for the parking ticket I got in the City of White Plains about a year ago.  Second, I noticed a heck of a lot more vintage cards than usual.  That’s not really my thing.  Third, I noticed that a lot of the dealers were actually buying cards.  I had one approach me and ask if I had anything to sell.  Many dealers had signs indicating that they were buying.  Finally, many of the dealers complained about how business was slow and they were not making much money.  This is nothing new.  In fairness, the show floor certainly was not packed.  I will show off all of my swag this week.         

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