Sunday, September 9, 2012

My First Listia Purchase

Recently, Nachos Grande posted about Listia.  Listia is an alternative to those of us who are sick of paying ridiculous fees to sell on EBay.  Listia charges no fees to sellers.  Instead of getting money for your items, you get points which you can use to bid on other items.  I have been a member for a couple of weeks and am pretty happy so far.  This site seems to be best suited for selling low dollar cards rather than your prized 1952 Mantles.  I have sold a few unwanted cards so far.  I just made my first purchase.  It was a 2004 Fleer Ultra Rocco Baldelli jersey card numbered 283/399.  (Plug to tjscards)  Remember Rocco Baldelli?  I got 600 credits for signing up, and the card cost me 330 credits.  So it was really free.  I think.  Any opinions on EBay vs. Listia vs. COMC?


  1. Listia is definitely fun for a bit. It gives you a rush when you have a lot of bidders on one of your cards.

    Just don't burn yourself. Start all auctions at least around 150-200 credits.

    Don't do multiple cards in one auction with free shipping as this can burn you with high postage .

    Stick to selling single cards with free shipping or else you won't get many bids if the shipping isn't free. sucks, but what can you do?

    And do not bid on those cards like 1988 Topps Bob Walk that start at 750 credits. What is that all about?

  2. Thanks for the advice. I already learned my lesson about starting cards at 1 credit. So far, I'm pretty happy with Listia.

  3. As an international platform, Listia sucks. If I recall correctly, sending one card in a top loader, PWE would cost me 1.19 incl. tax from Canada so I would probably want a minimum of 300-400 credits for the lowest of cards. Also, can't say I've seen anything of interest for me yet. Only found 4 cards of my team and have all of them. Finally, find many people don't want to ship internationally.