Monday, March 26, 2012

Fantasy Baseball Draft!!!

Spring is here which means that baseball season fast approaches. And with the beginning of baseball season comes fantasy baseball. I drafted my team over the weekend using an auction-style draft. This was my first auction-style draft. It’s much like eBay. 20% of my money went towards drafting Pujols. Now I know how the Angels feel. I feel pretty good about my team. Look at this roster:

Joe Mauer

Albert Pujols

Dustin Ackley

Alex Rodriguez

Derek Jeter

Drew Stubbs

Brett Gardner

Ichiro Suzuki

Ryan Howard

Jesus Montero

Edwin Encarnacion

Jose Tabata

Ian Desmond

Roy Halladay

CC Sabathia

Shaun Marcum

Anibal Sanchez

Ervin Santana

Mariano Rivera

JJ Putz

Frank Francisco

Brandon League

Chris Perez

I overpaid for Halladay, but otherwise there are no regrets. Fingers crossed for no injuries.

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