Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm Not at the Card Show

The East Coast National Card Show was today in White Plains, NY. I usually go to about half of the White Plains shows during the year but I didn’t go today. However, that doesn’t mean that my day was completely free of baseball cards. At the last show, I bought a box of about 700 2011 Topps base cards. Today was the day that I finally sorted through the cards and put them in the appropriate team binder. The cards are arranged by number in the box. Unfortunately, I am only up to card #74 because I am easily distracted. Card #74 happens to be Tyler Clippard. I first heard of Tyler Clippard when I received his Topps Turkey Red rookie card. He was a Yankee at the time. He wasn’t that good for the Yankees. Once he went to the Nationals, I figured his big league career was circling the drain. He’s still in the big leagues and he’s an All-Star. Good for him. I’m off to finish up on this box.

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