Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011 Topps: Hobby Box vs. Jumbo Box

I will admit it. I have yet to buy a single pack of 2011 Topps yet. I'm probably the only person on planet earth who hasn't. I guess I'm a late adapter. However, I am seriously considering purchasing a box from eBay. However, after doing some window shopping for hobby boxes, a thought occurred. Maybe I should look at jumbo boxes. Now I have a dilemma. Should I buy a hobby box or a jumbo box? The hobby box contains 360 cards and contains one hit for a price of around 70 bucks. The jumbo box contains 500 cards and contains three hits for a price of about 120 bucks. In any event, I could resell the diamond giveaway cards to recoup some of the investment. So tell me blogosphere...
Feel free to leave comments no matter what your opinion.

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  1. Honestly, you might want to consider blasters. Most of the autos are crap (for resale value), the manu-patches from blasters seem to sell as good (or better) than many of the many-patches from the blasters, and the regular relics don't sell either usually.

    If you are looking to complete the base set only though, then I'd go the jumbo route as most jumbo boxes seem to either give you the full base set or something very close to full.